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Tom Caulfield

Tom Caulfield has dedicated his professional career to public service beginning in 1977 in the United States Marine Corps (retired in 1998). Tom’s career continued as a civil servant in the United States Air Force, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency. Tom retired in 2015 from federal service as a Senior Executive and co-founded an international anti-corruption consulting firm named Procurement Integrity Consulting Services (PICS).

Their clients include the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the International Law Institute and various government anti-corruption authorities in East Africa, South East Asia and the United Kingdom. Domestically, PICS has assisted government and private entities in reviewing procurement policy compliance, enhancing ethics and compliance programs, building effective whistle-blower procedures, and establishing procurement anti-fraud protocols.

With the global pandemic of COVID-19 presenting unprecedented opportunities for fraud, Tom was asked to return to federal service to build and manage the Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery’s (SIGPR) Office of Investigations. After accomplishing the building of SIGPR’s investigative office, he returned to his company were he uses his over four decades of anti-corruption experience in assisting both public and private entities in reducing their vulnerabilities to financial and reputational damages related to corruption and/or fraud.

He graduated from Wayland Baptist University and St. Leo College, where he received degrees in both criminology and criminal justice. He holds various certifications, some of which include Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Inspector General, Certified Inspector General Investigator and former Certified Polygraph Examiner and Criminal Investigator.

Tom is a member of the National Contract Management Association “Audit and Risk” committee. He was an Executive Board member of the Association of Inspectors General, a national organization with membership from all levels of city, state, and federal Office of Inspectors General. Tom served as a member of the Department of Justice National Procurement Fraud Task-Force and was the architect to what became an amendment to the Federal Acquisition Regulation requiring mandatory disclosure by federal government contractors of certain violations of federal criminal law and the civil False Claims Act.

He was the developer and program manager of the first Intelligence Community Procurement Integrity Assurance Program which focused on
enhancing the integrity of classified procurements by preventing, deterring, and detecting procurement fraud and abuse. Tom has published and co-published several articles on subjects related to the anatomy of procurement fraud, building effective investigative operations, anti-fraud with data analytics, procurement fraud schemes and the profile of the procurement fraudster. His material has been referenced in various federal reports and book publications related to procurement fraud and risk strategies.

Tom Caulfield: Team
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