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Sheryl Goodman

Recognized as a national expert in establishing and re-engineering city/county/state government operations, Sheryl has built her career on creating and improving government programs that directly impact the public and private sectors.  Sheryl’s earlier career included working as a certified reserve police officer for the Tallahassee Police Department; Performance Auditor and subsequently Senior Investigator for the Florida Auditor General; and Director of the Pinellas County Department of Consumer Protection responsible for mediating consumer–business disputes, licensing, and investigating all aspects of economic crimes for criminal prosecution.     

As Inspector General for the Florida Department of Children and Families, Sheryl championed legislation to ensure caseworkers who falsified information about visiting the children under the state’s care would be charged with a felony.  In 2007, Sheryl’s office became the first Office of Inspector General (OIG) to receive the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation, Inc.’s Inspector General Accreditation.   

Taking on an extraordinary challenge of her career, in 2010, Sheryl became the first Inspector General for Palm Beach County; a county commonly referred to by the nation as “Corruption County”. Creating the office from scratch, in the most difficult of circumstances, Sheryl and her team, within the first four years, questioned, identified and cost avoided over $20 million; covering 41 separate jurisdictions.  In 2014, Sheryl became an Inspector General Advisor with the City of Jacksonville where she built the foundation of the Office and help hire the initial staff to include the Inspector General.

Sheryl is a frequent speaker/trainer on her experiences in fighting corruption at the state and local level in the United States.  She briefs in the international community to include the Iraqi Inspectors General and members of the Iraqi Parliament, members of the Indonesia government, the South African Inspector General for Intelligence, and several Ministries and Parliaments within East Africa, East Asia and South America. 

Throughout her 30-year government career, Sheryl has received several awards for streamlining business processes, innovation and technology and enterprise system development and governance.  Sheryl has over 20 years in media and public speaking experience and is currently an instructor with the International Law Institute.  She has held several elected positions to include President of the Florida Chapter of Inspectors General, President of the National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators and Vice President of the National Association of Inspectors General. 

Established in March 2020 by U.S. Congress to provide oversight for the Coronavirus Aide, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, Sheryl was asked to be the Assistant Inspector General for the Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery responsible for Data Analytics, Evaluations & Special Projects along with being the Whistleblower Protection Coordinator for the Office.

Today, Sheryl is the President and co-founder of the Procurement Integrity Consulting Services, LLC; a company specializing in both developing, assessing, and structuring strategies within procurement operations to assure contracting integrity. The company also assists clients in identifying and mitigating their inherent risk to procurement fraud and abuse.  Currently, Sheryl is working with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime as their expert on Whistleblower Protection legislation and program operations, which includes designing complaint intake systems with whistleblower protection embedded in the process.  The company further provides customized training on the most prevalent procurement schemes of fraud and abuse in today's contracting along with the most successful proactive and reactive protections against those same threats as well as best practices in legislation and implementing a whistleblower protection program.     She has also co-published articles in professional association magazines on subjects related to the Contract Fraud and Abuse Risk Examination, Commitment to Procurement Integrity, Five Personality Faces of Procurement Fraud Risk, Procurement Predicament, and Enhancing Procurement Integrity within E-Procurement with Data Analytics.

Sheryl Goodman: Team
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