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Procurement Fraud & Abuse Risk Assessment

With our PICS Procurement Integrity Control System model as the framework, we work with our clients to confirm that the aggregate of their processes, procedures, and operations are designed appropriately to promote an organizational environment committed to procurement integrity. We also confirm the workforce and management understand their responsibilities regarding the prevention, detection, prompt reporting, and capability to respond to procurement fraud and abuse. If inconsistencies are discovered when applying our model, we make suggestions for corrective actions.

The Five PICS Elements are:

* Commitment to Procurement Integrity

* Tailored Vulnerability Assessment

* Protections within Policy

* Targeted Information Sharing

* Identification of Deficiencies 

Our PICS model was built from decades of first-hand experiences in procurement fraud investigations and the prevention and detection of fraud and non-compliance within contracts. Our proprietary product is a procurement integrity model which aligns with the COSO-Integrated Framework, the GAO Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government, the GAO Framework for Managing Fraud Risks in Federal Programs, and various best practices found in the corporate compliance and fraud examination professions.

Procurement Integrity Assurance Review: Services
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