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Consulting for the United Nations

August 2019: As a consultant for the United Nations, Sheryl had the privilege of meeting the Prime Minister and many wonderful people of Malaysia who are all committed to enhancing and implementing their current law on whistleblower. The workshop was a huge success and she looks forward to seeing their progress as they continue their efforts into 2021!

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The United Arab Emirates

Presenting at the Pre-Conference

Tom visited the United Arab Emirates after presenting at the Pre-Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption. The objective of the pre-conference was to add substance to a current initiative for future cooperation between the Supreme Audit Institutes and the Anti-Corruption Authorities globally in preventing public corruption. PICS will be part of the team exploring and developing the next steps

ASIA: Projects
Business Conference


Training and Published Guidance

June 2019: Tom provided three days of training to over 100 government employees of Vietnam on corruption and fraud. Then four months later in December 2019, Sheryl and Tom provided the first-ever “Guide on Inspecting for Procurement Corruption and Fraud in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam”

ASIA: Projects
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Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment Into Illegal Logging

January 2019: Sheryl and Tom worked in partnership with the Indonesia Anti-Corruption Authority locally called the Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) to conduct a corruption risk assessment of illegal logging in South Sumatra of Indonesia. The results allowed the KPK to develop mitigation strategies to curve corruption in their country.

ASIA: Projects
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