With decades of experience in assessing and developing mitigation strategies, we focus all of our attention in offering two services:

​​Procurement Risk Examination

The Procurement Risk Examination is an organizational-wide review of the client’s policies, procedures, and operations to ensure they are driving a business environment committed to honest, fair, impartial and legal procurements (i.e. procurement integrity) throughout the entire organization.  Our unique procurement risk examination methodology is designed around our PICS Procurement Integrity Control System® model, which is focused on the client’s business environment ensuring procurement integrity within the organization.  Also, incorporated into our procurement risk examination is a procurement fraud schemes analysis.  For those client’s required to comply with U.S. Code, Title 48, Federal Acquisition Regulation, Subpart 3.10 “Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct,” we also include its requirements within our examination.  

Our assessment methodology is adaptable and can be structured to evaluate a single contract, an individual department’s procurements/purchasing, or an entire organization. 

We recommend our Procurement Risk Examination be performed as one consolidated effort, however, recognizing the need is different per organization, we also offer our service in separate individual segments as listed below:

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Procurement Fraud and Abuse Prevention and Detection Training
Our training curriculum is customized to the client’s procurement methods, thereby ensuring the training content is tailor-made for the procurement environment of each individual client.  One of the most effective tools in combating procurement fraud and abuse is knowledgeable employees, looking for, and reporting, potential procurement violations to management.