Consulting for the united nations

As a consultant for the United Nations, Sheryl had the privilege of meeting the Prime Minister and many wonderful people of Malaysia who are all committed to enhancing and implementing their current law on whistleblower. The workshop was a huge success and she looks forward to seeing their progress as they continue their efforts into 2020!

gaining community trust in government contract and procurement fraud cases

Sheryl Steckler, President and CFO at Procurement Integrity Consulting Services, LLC, discusses an investigation in which she found government kickback schemes and other fraud abuses, but was able to gain the trust of the community to help build cooperation during the case.

presenting at sas: procurement integrity software solutions

Tom presented at SAS's "Procurement Integrity - Avoiding Risks by Uncovering It" software showcase. Twenty-five years ago, as a criminal investigator, Tom and his friends joked about one day a company would develop a data analytics and predictive modeling solution to identifying contract fraud leads. SAS's Procurement Integrity solution has done it with their 100 plus risk scenarios. 

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