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Working in partnership with our clients and utilizing a “Procurement Fraud Schemes Analysis” methodology designed by our company, we:

Identify our client's unique degree of risks to the traditional forty-four (44) misconduct schemes and abuse found in today's procurement and purchasing methods;

Pinpoint which of the 44 schemes are more likely to occur within the client's processes; and

Determine the potential impacts if the schemes are not prevented, detected and/or corrected.

Our assessment methodology is adaptable and can be structured to evaluate a single type of misconduct (i.e. time and attendance, conflict of interest, bribes, and gratuities) or multiple schemes of procurement fraud and/or abuse. Our methodology can further assess the procurement or purchasing process of a contract, particular division within an organization or across an enterprise as a whole.

We summarize the results and make suggestions for areas of improvement to reduce the vulnerabilities and the probability of future occurrence, consistent with the client’s business structure and risk tolerance thresholds. With the knowledge of their high risk areas, our clients are better positioned to design sound integrity controls (internal policy, procedures, and/or processes designed to prevent and detect fraud and abuse) consistent with their overall business environment.

Our Procurement Fraud and Abuse Risk Assessment will include: