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Nashville & New York City, november 2019: acfe training

Tom led two back to back trainings for the ACFE - one in New York City for a private company that took advantage of ACFE's on-site training - a smart solution to cost saving. Then spent three days in Nashville teaching the two day Contract and Procurement Fraud (C&PF) course, followed by a third day of the C&PF Workshop that our company and ACFE designed. If you have not heard about the new ACFE C&PF Workshop, check it out on the ACFE Training website.


Sheryl and Tom designed and delivered the ACFE Contract and Procurement Fraud advance training work-shop, which was offered twice in 2019 first in Chicago and then in Dallas.  The PICS team is the primary trainers for the ACFE basic and work-shop contract and procurement fraud training courses.

presenting at sas, august 2019: procurement integrity software solutions

Tom presented at SAS's "Procurement Integrity - Avoiding Risks by Uncovering It" software showcase. Twenty-five years ago, as a criminal investigator, Tom and his friends joked about one day a company would develop a data analytics and predictive modeling solution to identifying contract fraud leads. SAS's Procurement Integrity solution has done it with their 100 plus risk scenarios. 

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