Procurement Fraud and Abuse Prevention and Detection Training

One of the most effective tools in the prevention, detection and deterrence of procurement fraud and abuse are knowledgeable employees, protecting against, looking for, and reporting potential procurement violations.  Our company training can be customized to our client’s procurement methods, thereby ensuring the training content can be delivered to the procurement environment of the client.  We also have a collection of customary training that has been developed and delivered for a broad range of professions, including auditors, investigators, fraud examiners, law enforcement officials, procurement professionals, and others.

In order to customize the training we review procurement documents and work-flow diagrams of the client days prior to the training event, thereby allowing us to incorporate the clients’ procurement methods into the training delivery to be more relevant.

We have a collection of customary procurement fraud and abuse prevention and detection training.  These training events have been developed and delivered to both public and private sectors domestically and internationally.

Our training is designed as individual modules allowing them to be stand-alone training events or permitting them to be woven into a single or multi-day training event.  

Training Modules:

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Each year, U.S. organizations lose an estimated six percent of annual revenues to fraud and occupational abuse, as reported by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. More often than not, these losses occurred by their own employees and vendors through a variety of fraud schemes and weak migration controls. Left unaddressed, allegations of malfeasance and wasted resources undermine stakeholder confidence, workforce morale, and your organization’s strategic mission. 

Training Outline:

Instructors for the International Law Institute

The International Law Institute (ILI) provides advanced information, practical methodologies, and progressive develop-mental strategies in the field of law, management, economics, anti-corruption, and accountable government globally.  In 2017, ILI commissioned our company to develop, oversee and lecture at the new ILI "Procurement Integrity: Prevention, Investigation, and Prosecution of Fraud" training program.