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Burundi, tanzania & uganda, october - november 2019: whistleblower protection

Sheryl is making progress in East Africa as Tanzania and Uganda move closer to enhancing their legislation and regulations on whistleblower protection. She met some amazing people who strive for a clean culture and reducing corruption. Sheryl also spent time in Burundi as they begin to understand the differences between whistle-blowing and witness protection programs.


kenya, December 2019: implementing a whistleblower program 

Sheryl visited Kenya Wildlife Services to assist in assessing their complaint intake system as they move forward to implementing a whistleblower program. PICS is working hard with their wonderful team and with UNODC as they strive to fight corruption.

zambia, tanzania & uganda, october 2019: unodc and uncac

Tom visited Zambia where he kicked off the next United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) “Fast-Tracking the Implementation of UNCAC.” “UNCAC” is the United Nations Convention against Corruption, in which 186 countries are signature including the United States. After Zambia,Tom went to various locations in Tanzania followed by Uganda. While in each country, he reviewed their anti-corruption efforts in public procurement and how their Public Procurement Act (PPA) complies with Article 9 of the UNCAC. Tom also has helped draft a guide titled “Combating Corruption and Fraud in East African Public Procurement".